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Why it is important to be aligned with your values? by Jessica Almeleh-Frazier

A life of value improves every area of your life. Individual values are great like that – they seep into all aspects of your life and influence your overall wellness once they have been recognized as important and spoken into existence. As busy adults we rarely take the time to pause and think about what values are most important to us. We are always in such a rush to start our day. Start working, start taking care of our kids. When was the last time we even took the time to consider our values?

Family, Loyalty, Creativity, Connection, Intelligence, Freedom, Security , Spirituality are just a few values to think about. What is most important to you is very worthy of taking the time to think about. Because once you start being thoughtful about your values you start finding your true or “whole” self. This is your individual truth. You will make better decisions in your life if you have made the connection within yourself to be more conscious of your values. Your emotional intelligence and logic will connect and work in harmony with each other.

When you start to be consciously aware of your most important values in real time, your overall wellness will thrive. Your daily decisions and health practices get into a rhythm that benefits every area of the four major pillars of health (Lifestyle, Attitude, Nutrition and Exercise). This is key to your health because living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. There is also a strong connection between mental health and physical health.

We can all align with our values and take small steps each day to do some self-healing and improvement. Breaking some not so healthy daily patterns by putting some healthy ones in their place and being conscious of our values can empower us to lead the life that we want to live.


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