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Bodhi Spa Hudson New York
Our Founder

Melinda Macchiaroli is a life-long massage therapist, energy worker, yoga instructor, and all-around wellness lover and expert. Melinda experienced physical and emotional pain at a young age – as many of us do – and sought out to find natural treatments and cures. Melinda believed that there had to be another way to heal physical pain, trauma, and navigate grief – a way that was gentle on the body, encouraging to the body, and empowering to the body.

After spending time with those who practiced and pursued yoga, bodywork, energy healing, acupuncture, and eastern practices, she was healed of physical pain and found healthy and life-giving ways to manage the depression, trauma, and grief.

Melinda believes that healing takes time. It is through sustained dedication to wellness practices alongside self-discovery and somatic work that the healing process can begin.

Melinda is on a mission to bring holistic practices to the larger Hudson community to help others find the support they need.

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