Couples Massage
  • Salt Stone Couples Massage

    A relaxing side by side Swedish Massage with Warmed Himalayan Salt stones to induce deep relaxation & connection. 

    60 minutes $256 per couple

    75 minutes  $312 per couple

    90 minutes $376 per couple

  • Chill Together Couples Massage

    This relaxing treatment utilizes the many benefits of our Chill aromatherapy blend, steaming towels on the neck, back and feet and the intense calming effects of herbal oil.

    60 min $258 per couple

    75 min $280 per couple

    90 min $344 per couple

  • Deep Forest Couples Massage

    Side by side deep swedish massage treatments by one of our master therapists. Alpine arnica oil is used to create a deeply serene meditative state, induce deep breathing and soothe the body and mind. 

    60 min $255 per couple

    75 min $298 per couple
    90 min $360 per couple

  • Simple Moment Couples Massage

    Side by side relaxing, Swedish massage in our most beautiful spacious suite.

    60 min $218 per couple

    75 min $278 per couple
    90 min $342 per couple

  • Aromatherapy Couples Massage

    Enjoy a relaxing side by side massage with reboot aromatherapy & hot towels, followed by a moisturizing foot treatment.

    60 min $273 per couple

    75 min $329 per couple
    90 min $393 per couple

  • Add-Ons

    Add Moisturizing Foot Treatment or Wild Lime Scalp Treatment 

    $18 each person (inclusive of treatment time)

    $37 each person add 15 minutes

    Add deep tissue to massage $16 each person

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