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Chakra Series Pt. 5 | Throat Chakra and Communicating

What is the Throat Chakra?

Our fifth primary chakra; the throat chakra is also known as Vishuddha, meaning "purification." Known for its turqouise or smoky blue color, it emotionally governs expression and when healthy/open we are comfortable with telling the truth.

Where is it located, and what does it associate?

Located at the throat region, also linking the neck and shoulders Vishuddha is physically most associated with our thyroid gland. It regulates the processing of energy in our bodies through temperature, growth, and in large cases, the metabolism.

Emotionally, governing the ability to speak your truth or your sense of self expression. This accounts for a few other things such as our communication skills, our spiritual and intuitive abilities, good sense of timing in life, and ability to create and project ideas into real life.

How will I know if I am imbalanced?

  • speaking too much or inappropriately

  • not listening to others and what they have to say

  • not being able to keep your word or secrets

  • telling lies; whether big or small

  • social anxieties or fear of speaking

  • lack of purpose in your life

  • swollen lymph nodes in your neck

  • hyperthyroidism

  • ear problems such as premature hearing loss or infections

  • regular sinus, throat or upper respiratory infections

How can I rebalance and open my throat chakra with Bodhi's help?

Start Journaling your thoughts!

It's always good to get out how you're feeling and what you're thinking, in a healthy manner of course. Journaling is a perfect way to do so. Look at these beautiful journals we just got in- Click the picture for a link to purchase!

Meditate with crystals

Crystals most associated with Vishuddha:

  • Blue Kyanite- a high vibration stone that sends energy rapidly which can also help assist in telepathic information

  • Turquoise- the stone of communication that also assists in creating a more serene mental state

  • Angelite- the stone of awareness known to dispell fear and anxieties, especially with communication

  • Blue or gray lace agate- endows us with peace and tranquility

Find some of these beauties in our shop, or here!

Get a massage~

Our blue eucalyptus energizing massage is defnitely catering to the needs of your throat chakra because it is so soothing and tranquil. Helping to de-stress and aid in relaxation, you can always put a focus on the neck and back although it is full body. It also begins with a steaming inhalation of blue eucalyptus essential oil. Peppermint and eucalyptus are two of the best oils for this chakra specifically.

Happy New Year everyone, we hope you all had a blessed and love filled holiday season. We look forward to healing with you all this new year and growing in this new decade.

Love and light


Bodhi Team

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