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Chakra Series Pt. 1 | Grounding Your Root Chakra


What is the Root Chakra?

Our emotions reside physically in our bodies. This causes us to communicate with the energies around us. Energetic impulses usually relate to a certain part of the body and/or chakra that has become weakened or imbalanced. The root chakra, is our 1st primary chakra. Also known as Muladhara, which in sanskirt means foundation. The root chakra is what keeps us grounded, and forms the basis for our development. It is the survival center and the most instinctual of all the chakras. The Root Chakra is most associated with our emotions and basic needs of survival, such as food, shelter, and our sense of safety.


What in my body is it associated with?

It is physically associated with the adrenal glands, colon, kidneys, bones/muscles, and the arterial blood that flows through the left chamber of the heart-which carries oxygen and nutrients to body tissues. The root chakra corresponds with our needs of emotional interconnection. Therefore, making it the base of our problems.

How can I tell if my Root Chakra is out of balance?

Why is it the "root" of our problems? Our emotions play a big part in our well-being! Ask your self these questions, based on your answers what are you in need of healing?

Are you feeling grounded?

How confident do you feel?

Do you feel the need to change and grow?

Do you feel safe?

Often times, when we are feeling panicked or anxious, having difficulties concentrating, or feeling unsafe and threatened, it is indication that your root chakra has been weakened or blocked. This is a lot of people's reality day to day. But can be easily fixed!

What is your body telling you it needs?

Meditation is a great way to ground yourself. To re balance you and replenish yourself with calm, positive thinking. Start by sitting with your shoulders back and keep your spine straight. Relax all of your muscles and close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Inhale through your nose, and pull the breath as far down into your body as you can. Slowly, exhale through your mouth. Turn your attention to the location of the spine as you continue breathing. Notice any tightness in this area? Imagine a bright red light beaming here. Rest in this meditation for about 5 minutes before slowly coming to. Continue your day.


How can Bodhi help me?

Below are some examples of how Bodhi can help you to put your anxiety and stress at ease. From products, to methods, we're here to help!

Take a yoga class! Yin Yoga is a great example of how we can incorporate these types of meditation into our daily routine to help us stay at ease.

Book a massage. Bodhi has an array of healing massages, although there are a few that would be a great fit for the root chakra in particular. The Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy massage will melt your stress away. Our spa uses Kanya Luxury oils for this specific treatment, which are carefully made to help each chakra individually. Find them downstairs in the shop as well!

This treatment, along with salt stone massage, are most fit to give you the deepest relaxation and help you to de stress. Unwind away!

Buy a crystal! Black tourmaline, and red garnet are two crystals associated with your root chakra. Not to mention, they are beautiful to have around, energetically and aesthetically!

~ Take time for you. Ground yourself. Love yourself. There is only one you ~

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