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Changing the stories we tell ourselves and accepting change

Learning, making mistakes and evolving into your best self is not always easy. Heck. It's NEVER easy--and guess what--it's not supposed to be. The way I see it: Any adversity we encounter can be turned into a positive or a negative. A positive example: More fuel for the fire or more breath to create life force energy. A negative example: Suppressed emotions that decay, and eventually become known again, or any vice--humans love to trip over trying events and fall on those. Growth is a choice. Choose to evolve. You're Never Going To Feel 'Ready' To Change Change carries many feelings and sensations. People react differently to change, too. Sometimes change feels intense and it hurts, and other times it feels freeing and it feels like a hug. The work is not in how you feel, it's in how you react to the feeling. Change is constant, you see it in the seasons--In life and in nature, it can be an utter surprise or something you saw coming for awhile. Notice how change shows up in your life, and notice how you react to it. Mastering your reactions is the work in accepting change as a reality.

You're Going To Have To Change The Story You're Telling Yourself If you tell yourself stories that are disempowering like 'I'll never love again' after a breakup or 'my business will never take off' after a challenge shows up. When you do this you're literally telling your subconscious that those thoughts are your desired outcomes--when the exact opposite is true. It's not always possible to stop your brain from having negative thoughts, but what you CAN do is respond. When your brain tells you 'I'll never love again', you could respond to this false narrative in the most favorable way, to you.

Accept Support When You need It Sometimes life's challenges are too big to take on alone. It's not easy to ask for help, especially when your ego yells at you for even considering the idea that you need help. Remember that asking for help doesn't mean you are failing or not strong enough, it's actually a sign of strength, and maturity. Communicating with the people who love you most not only helps you speak your truth, it shows you have the capacity to be vulnerable and open. This depth strengthens all relationships. When we empower and support one another, we become unstoppable. I learned this lesson during my time at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). I felt like I wasn't doing enough. So while I was studying at IIN, I enrolled in Cornell's Plant Based Nutrition program to satisfy my egos desire for me to do more. While I don't regret taking the course--I do regret my timing. I burnt out in the middle of Cornell's program. I finished successfully, and I learned a lot, but I needed A LOT of moral support. If I could do it over I wouldn't choose to take both programs on--full time--at the same time.

You have the power to evolve. Remember how powerful you are. Always share your gifts with the world, let go of outcomes and expectations. You may see that change manifested to create a reality grander than any story you've ever told yourself.


Learn. Create. Grow. Expand. LOVE

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