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Indoor Fitness

Indoor Fitness Resources for Your Family

Perhaps your kids used to play soccer after school, attend dance classes, or ride their bikes around town with friends. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, these activities have been off limits, but as a parent, you still want to ensure that your kids get some exercise. Whether you’re curious about purchasing fitness equipment, coming up with engaging indoor games, or even practicing yoga with your kids, these resources will point you in the right direction.

Turn a Spare Room Into a Gym

Maybe you can fit some exercise equipment into your basement, or maybe you have a guest bedroom you could renovate. Having a home gym will motivate your family to exercise!

⦁ Find out which pieces of equipment you need for your home gym with this helpful guide. ⦁ Want to take your home gym to the next level? You’ll need to budget approximately $800 to $2,300 to install rubber flooring. ⦁ If you’re also on the lookout for yoga gear, use this thorough checklist to find a durable, high-quality mat for your practice.

Physical Activity Indoors

For now, you’ll have to replace those hours your children once spent on the playground with indoor workouts. These resources will help you come up with fun and effective exercises that you can all enjoy inside.

⦁ No matter how old your children are, you’re sure to find a few indoor exercise games that will help everyone get a good workout! ⦁ If you have teenagers who are looking for tougher workouts, these bodybuilding routines will help them get stronger. ⦁ Do you need some more inspiration for your family workouts? Look up online exercise classes to get some ideas.

Yoga and Mindfulness

People of all ages are feeling stressed out by current events. That’s why there has never been a better time to introduce your children to yoga and mindfulness.

⦁ Learn how to do these easy yoga poses in sequence, and then teach them to your children for a relaxing workout. ⦁ Kids may struggle with traditional meditation techniques, but you can try a few alternate tactics to teach your children about mindfulness! ⦁ Life under lock down can be stressful, even if you’re not doing much! Try creating a soothing yoga and mindfulness ritual to start your days, and let your kids join in.

Holistic Health

In addition to regular exercise, you need to make sure that your kids stick with their usual healthy habits, because it can be easy to slack off under quarantine!

⦁ It’s definitely tempting to indulge in junk food right now, but it’s important to help your kids stick to a healthy diet. ⦁ Make sure your kids stay hydrated before, during, and after their workouts. ⦁ If your kids are working out regularly, they also need to refuel with a good night’s sleep!

Kids who are usually quite active might have trouble staying indoors for weeks on end. Although you have to respect the limits of a stay-at-home order, the members of your family do not have to give up on everything they love doing. Instead, you can simply modify these activities so that you can do them at home instead!

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