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Chakra Series Pt. 4 | The Heart Chakra and our Connections

What is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra, otherwise known as Anahata; in Sanskrit meaning "unbeaten" is found in the center of our chest. It represents where the physical and the spiritual meet. Green in color, associating the element of air- it is the connection of all things!

What does it associate?

Unconditional love, compassion, and joy. Deep compassion and truths that cannot be expressed in words.

  • Self-love and love for others

  • All of your internal and external relationships

  • Your willingness to forgive, accept and move on

  • Personal growth and transformation

  • Your ability to grieve, and achieve peace

  • Compassion and empathy

  • Center of awareness

Signs your fourth chakra may be out of balance:

The heart chakra can become imbalanced as a result of life experiences that are strong emotionally, physical ailments, or even changes in your environment.

Here are some symptoms of an imbalanced heart chakra-

  • Being overly defensive

  • Emotionally closed off- not able to give or receive love freely

  • Jealousy- not being able to trust

  • Dependence- always craving ones attention

  • Feeling the need to always please everyone

  • Playing the victim

  • Antisocial; social anxieties

  • Holding grudges

Ideas to balance the heart chakra

  • Cultivate your appreciation for beauty, whether it’s in nature, people or in the arts

  • Practice self-care- from a good bath with rose essential oil, to yoga poses for opening the heart area

  • Self-compassion and acceptance, especially with regards to your emotions and body

  • Engage in activities that feed your heart

  • Focus on receiving, even if you are typically the giver

  • Express your gratitude, even if it’s in silence, or on your own terms

  • Take a walk! Being out in nature, breathing in fresh air is one of the best things for your mental health

How can Bodhi help?

1.) Have an energy healing session! Energy work helps us to work through our traumas as well as get the relaxing state of mind we often forget that we need in our busy lives. Energy healing touches on all levels of body,mind and spirit and is incorporated into a Swedish style massage.

2.) Buy some essential oils! We carry doTERRA in our shop. Rose Geranium essential oil, neroli, ylang ylang and our Heart Chakra Kanya essential oil are all great options to diffuse and open your Anahata. You can also put them in the bath!

3.) Accumulate some crystals! Rose quartz and jade stone are both great choices for re balance of your Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz helps to lower stress and tension in your hear. Clearing out negative energy, jealousy and resentment- it helps us to not hold grudges or onto negative emotions.

Jade is a protective stone. It brings you harmony and peace. Soothing your mind and releasing negative energy or anxious thoughts. It also when used regularly, can have benefits on your skin! Jade has been known to erase wrinkles, stimulate collagen, and improve inflammatory skin conditions. Find jade facial rollers and gua sha stones in our shop!

"The most powerful relationship you will ever have, is the relationship you have with yourself" ~

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