From Kundalini Shakti to Energy in a Bottle

Only 5 years ago I was spontaneously catapulted to pursue my inner calling. For me it was quite a shock to find myself transformed but this is exactly what happened. During an incredulous energy shift that radically altered my perception a deep intuitive inner knowledge surfaced from within me. I had a heightened sense of awareness while simultaneously a release of layered emotional baggage and repressed negative thoughts came to the surface. Only recently did I understand my experience to be ‘kundalini shakti’: The unconscious became conscious and brought my awareness to Source on board. During that time and ever since the spirit of flowers consciously offered themselves to assist me. Keep

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Late Policy: Because each of our guests is so special, if you are late arriving for your scheduled appointment, we will begin your service as soon as you arrive, but we must finish on the hour to accommodate other guests with scheduled appointments. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Cancellation Policy: Regarding the limited availability of appointments we require at least 12 hours notice to cancel any appointment. Late cancel appointments will be charged in full to the card number with which they have been held.