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Smudging + Simple Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony can be very elaborate and guided by teachers and visionaries. It can and in my opinion should also be a daily practice that can help in setting intentions, clearing pathways + creating space for ones truth. There is something that happens when you begin to burn a sacred herb such as sage, palo santo, or sweet grass. You feel for a moment that the veil is lifted and there is a connection with spirit and a universal truth that flows. If we don't take a moment in our day to experience that then we are working with less then is our birthright.

Tools/ The basics:

A sacred herb


Palo Santo

Sweet Grass

And sometimes even rose petals + Lavender.

An abalone shell or ceramic/glass bowl


Feather (simply a turkey feather or a more elaborate smudge fan)

The Blessing

-When blessing a home start by opening all the windows and turn on fans to shift the energy and encourage any negative energy to leave through the open windows.

-Light your smudge stick, loose white sage, palo santo stick or sweet grass. Sometimes it takes longer then you think for the flame to catch. I like to use a candle so I don’t have to hold the lighter on. For palo you may need to hold it to the flame for 45 seconds or so. Put your smudging herb in the shell or bowl.

-Use your smudge fan or feather to fan the smoke.

-Fan the smoke towards the earth and thank The Mother Earth, Fan towards the sky and thank father sky for the gifts you have been given. Bless the 4 directions and give thanks.

-Say a prayer or hold an intention in your heart. “May only what is best for my highest good and the good of my family enter this house”. “May this beautiful union be blessed with Divine Love and Light”.

-When blessing a home make sure to bless each room and continue making your intentions while waving the smoke over any door ways or windows. Use your intuition to go to areas of stuck energy.

When blessing your self or others start at the crown and go down the body. If you know the chakras use them as your guide. Blessing each energy center. When you get to the feet pick up each foot to smudge the soles of the feet and then do the back of the body. Asking that anything that is not Love an dLight to flow.

White Sage + Desert Sage help to dispel negative energy.

Sweet Grass draws in positive energy. Good to use after you dispel energy with sage or palo.

Palo Sanot (Holi wood) Clears negativity and restores calm.

Lavender helps to bring peace.

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