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From Kundalini Shakti to Energy in a Bottle

Only 5 years ago I was spontaneously catapulted to pursue my inner calling. For me it was quite a shock to find myself transformed but this is exactly what happened. During an incredulous energy shift that radically altered my perception a deep intuitive inner knowledge surfaced from within me. I had a heightened sense of awareness while simultaneously a release of layered emotional baggage and repressed negative thoughts came to the surface. Only recently did I understand my experience to be ‘kundalini shakti’: The unconscious became conscious and brought my awareness to Source on board.

During that time and ever since the spirit of flowers consciously offered themselves to assist me. Keep in mind that in my early childhood I already had a deep connection to flowers. This fell to the side lines when I grew up. It was during my perception shift that flowers began showing me how I could rediscover my true path. Navigating my life back into balance when following the guidance of flowers is how I became a flower vibration integration botanist for the new times. This was a process and took some getting used to. I had to set my thoughts aside and listen to my heart and allow myself to be shown to trust the direction. How to set my thoughts apart and connect to my heart was just so hard. But I did and my whole life did change when I listen to the flowers!

The path of life takes one where we you need to be. I traveled to Egypt and brought back a few cold pressed essential oils. After I returned from my visit to Egypt things started to fall into place. Opportunities and encounters more in alignment with my souls true calling also began to come into alignement. Shortly after my return from Egypt I ended up at Omega Institute. It is at Omega where the 7 energy space enhancing sprays now also at BodhiSpa where created. You might have seen them and tried them already. Creating the blends was an amazing fun experience. It was a creative unfolding that just came to be. In my other life I used to be a chef. Instead of making a vinaigrette I was now combining a blend with flower vibrations and scents in a different way.

It was papyrus and lotus that started the 1st blend that is now one of the 7 blends also available at Bodhi Spa. After I had poured the papyrus in the bathtub and added the vibrations of flowers a papayrus scroll appeared in a vision with the text of my life purpose enscripted! I also had fun with the names. The blend now named ‘Clearing’ was originally called ‘Remember the Future’ due to the dip in the tub. Needless to say the space enhancing spray‘Clearing’ does create an easy access to the Akhasic records. Blending the essential oils of papyrus and lotus with the energetic flower codes of hydrangea, dandelion, thistle and sunflower makes every aspect come together in unity with focussed intend and light spirited ways.

Soon after the next sacred enhancing blend “I am Love “ came to be. It simply creates a safe space to open up to the truth, whatever it may be, and helps you accept it with love and light. It creates room for the heart space to open so your unique blue print can shine. It has the temple of Philea energy filled with Love in the mix.

Then ‘Serenity’ appeared. Need I say more that Sequoia and scented Frankincense will align your spine and create balance in perfect time? The fact that I now live amongst the Sequoia’s and can bring this energy into your space almost makes me squeek with delight!

The other blends all have specific purpose and are programmed to invoke a perfect balance in amazing powerful ways. I can continue of course but would like to invite you to explore the Sprituals yourself when visiting Bodhi Spa.

In our own unique ways each of us have prepared for our future generations to sustain the changes upon us. I hope these Space enhancing blends will assist you in any way needed.

From my heart to yours,


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