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Beauty background with facial cosmetic products, leaves and cherry blossom on pastel blue

The Triple Goddess Facial
Our new Facial experience incorporates our best and most effective holistic products & technology. This 3 in 1 luxurious treatment is the ultimate facial experience. Combining the Bodhi Holistic Facial with the Diamond tome facial, and the natural face lift facial, with the added benefit of LED light therapy. This 90 minute treatment includes Microdermabrasion which provides a deep exfoliation, helping to improve pigmentation, skin texture and promote cell turnover, leaving the skin more radiant. Micro current technology which helps to improve skin firmness and tone and is a natural non invasive solution for aging skin providing a quick contour. LED Light Therapy which is a deeply relaxing treatment that targets aging skin boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne and break outs by killing acne causing bacteria, also reducing inflammation. 

Enhance your facial with our Warmed Wild Lime Oil Scalp Treatment,
Moisturizing  Foot Scrub & Massage or any of our lash & brow services. 


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