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Bagua - eight trigrams used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of
Feng Shui

Laura Lee Ross

Feng Shui Consultant & Color Specialist

“The Purpose of Feng Shui is to align the energies of place, meaning our energies both at home and at work, in order to enhance personal chi or energy. When properly aligned, our environments enable and support each of us to live richer, fuller, happier lives as we actualize our fullest potential” -Laura Lee Ross

Feng Shui literally means wind & water. It is an ancient Chinese system about the relationship between humans and their environment.It is about how everything is energy and is interconnected and constantly changing in ways that can be understood. Based on the laws of nature, its theories, principles and techniques offer us a way of understanding how we can create a comfortable environment where we are in balance and harmony, while at the same time we enhance specific areas of our lives.


The underlying principles of feng shui is chi. Another word for Chi is energy. It is an energetic. formative principle that is spontaneously expressed throughout all of life. It is the underlying principle of energy linking all things. the quality of chi is expressed through form, shape, color, sound and cycles of nature. A lot of feng shui is concerned with ensuring that chi does not get stuck, stagnant depleted or too concentrated.


Initial Consultations  60 min $100
On site $300+ 2-3 hours

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